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COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

Brandons partners are committed to ensuring we provide a safe working environment for our
personnel. Effective 11:59pm Thursday 2 December 2021 when New Zealand transitions
from the covid alert levels to the traffic light system, we will be implementing a new policy
relating to vaccination against COVID-19. The new policy will apply to everyone who visits
our office or attends firm events.


The partners fully support vaccination as a vital step to help New Zealand advance towards
reducing the risk of COVID-19 in our communities and enabling all of us to live, work and
participate in a safer, more open environment.


From Friday 3 December 2021, only individuals who have received both doses of the
COVID-19 vaccine will be able to come into our office or attend firm events. We may ask to
sight your Vaccine Pass, so ask that you bring this with you.


We have considered expert advice and the views and concerns of our staff when making our
decision, and believe it is the right policy to implement at this time. We accept there are
people in our community who have chosen not to get vaccinated, or are not able to get
vaccinated on medical grounds. For these reasons, we will ask that you advise us of your
vaccination status and that of any person accompanying you before entering our office, so
that we may implement alternative arrangements if necessary. If you are unable or unwilling
to advise us of your vaccination status, then for health and safety reasons we will need to
make arrangements as if you are not vaccinated. Technology in many cases will allow us to
meet with unvaccinated clients via Zoom, MS Teams, etc. In making these arrangements,
the wellbeing of our personnel will remain paramount.


COVID-19 has caused uncertainty and significant disruption in our lives and workplaces and
we acknowledge the policy we have implemented now will need to be reviewed regularly as
we navigate our way through the changing face of COVID-19.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we implement this new policy.